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I am  a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy at Princeton University. You can find my CV here.

My research is mainly in metaphysics and social philosophy. In my dissertation, I focus on giving a metaphysical interpretation of the existential quantifier. In so doing, I argue that higher-order quantification is both essential and ontologically innocent, defend the possibility of quantifying over absolutely everything, and suggest that while it might be true that there is a smallest prime, it needn't follow that numbers belong in our ontology. 

My work in social philosophy also focuses on ontological questions, particularly about gender. I defend a realist account of gender, according to which there are socio-metaphysical facts about an individual's gender. Relatedly, I also argue that internalist accounts according to which a person's gender is a function of their identity are coherent and should be preferred over rival views. I am particularly interested in the ways that the tools and devices of contemporary analytic metaphysics can be fruitfully applied to social questions.

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